Be Pure Toaletka Herritage Drewniana Czarna 98x101x46Cm 800931Z


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Are you looking for a unique item for your interior? This black vintage sidetable has a nice original design. The table has a sloping glass lid that is divided into two flaps. Under the glass flaps there is a visible compartment division, under the right flap a drawer with compartments. All this makes the Herritage sidetable a special piece of furniture. In this cabinet table there is plenty of space to show off your most beautiful things.The Herritage sidetable is made of wood (80% pine and 20% MDF), comes from the collection of the brand BePureHome and has a vintage finish. This makes each copy unique. This sidetable is supplied as a kit with a clear assembly instruction. In this series is also a display case available.For hard floors, place felt glides under the legs, this prevents damage to the floor.Valves dimensions: Left flap: 38 cm x 30 cm, right flap: 38 cm x 66.5 cm.The leg height is 77 cm.The drawer is 6.5 cm high, 64 cm wide and 42 cm deep.The height of the compartments varies from 17 cm to 10 cm. The compartments are 41 cm deep.The total dimensions of this Herritage sidetable are: height 98 cm, width 101 cm and depth 46 cm.


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